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Live On-Line 2-4 Hour


When time is limited, often a Learning Workshop will do the trick. We usually cover one or two topics per workshop, based on your needs, with some hands-on training.


Live On-Line Training


Whether you want to bring your employees up-to-speed or you’re not sure which topics apply to your department, a Live On-Line Traditional Class may the solution for you.


Live On-Line Custom


If you have specific topics your employees need to learn or a in-house project you need to bring them up-to-speed on, then a Live On-Line Custom Class may be what is needed.


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Machine or Human? Is Human Customer Service a Thing of the Past? We have become a machine-driven society. Are we losing the human touch in all things customer service? I think we are. And, not always for the good. Our main credit union/bank is in another city. It has been so easy to handle all …
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Excel-Delete Duplicate Values

Excel-Delete Duplicate Values Are you frustrated with deleting duplicates in your Excel worksheet by hand? Watch this video for a quick and easy way to get rid of those duplicates in 15 seconds or less! If deleting duplicate values on your worksheet is taking you forever, by the end of this video you’ll know how …
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